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Doctor Who: Myths and Legends by Richard Dinnick

Mythology and the Time Lords mix as we hear the stories of the universes’ past.

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Shadowhunters: Ep. 12 Malec

Shadowhunters: Ep. 12 Malec



Right, well that happened.


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Shadowhunters: Ep. 11 ‘Blood Calls to Blood’

Is anyone that surprised by what happened?

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Shadowhunters: Ep. 10. This World Inverted

Shadowhunters: Ep. 10. This World Inverted


What the hell? Continue reading “Shadowhunters: Ep. 10. This World Inverted”

Shadowhunters: Ep. 9. Rise Up

Shadowhunters: Ep. 9. Rise Up


Well we’re on episode nine, over half way through the season, and I’m not sure what to say. I don’t know what to think about ‘Rise Up’. There were quite a few issues with it and for once it had nothing to do with the acting. Continue reading “Shadowhunters: Ep. 9. Rise Up”

Shadowhunters Ep. 8 ‘Bad Blood’

Shadowhunters Ep. 8 ‘Bad Blood’


Now what to say about this episode?….. Continue reading “Shadowhunters Ep. 8 ‘Bad Blood’”

Shadowhunters Ep. 7 ‘Major Arcana’

Shadowhunters Ep. 7 ‘Major Arcana’

I surprisingly liked this weeks’ episode – Major Arcana. It follows Luke, Clary, Jace, Alec and Izzy trying to get the mortal cup from the police station. At the same time – and I don’t feel like I’m spoiling it- Simon finally accepts that he’s turning into a vampire. Continue reading “Shadowhunters Ep. 7 ‘Major Arcana’”

Shadowhunters: Ep. 6. ‘Of Men and Angels’

I’m not sure what to say about this episode TBH. I gonna go with apathetic, leaning towards no, just no.

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Shadowhunters: Episode 4 and 5

Shadowhunters: Episode 4 and 5


Hate to say it but I’m kind of getting into this programme. It has its flaws, a lot of them, but I can’t help but like it, sort of my guilty pleasure. My thoughts keep going back and forth. As I mentioned in my review, episode 3 was ok from a TV POV – not a book fans’- but episode 4 went back to being bad then 5 was back to ok again. It’s very confusing.

Episode 4 – Raising Hell – is about the group finding Magnus Bane and trying to get Clary’s memories back. Moo Shu to Go – episode 5- is about the werewolves and finding clues to Valentine’s lair. Continue reading “Shadowhunters: Episode 4 and 5”

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