A killer is slowly picking off students from Osborne High but how are they related to Makani, a girl who only came to town a year ago, running from a secret of her birthplace.



kind of loved this. No idea why. It’s not brilliantly written and is not really my genre but I enjoyed reading it.

It’s mainly about Makani, who had moved in with her grandmother in Nebraska about a year before the book was set. Part of it was to look after said grandmother but also to run from something that happened in Hawaii, where she grew up.

I did partially relate to her … not her secret, that was kind of underwhelming and reminds me that people are stupid … but her everyday kind of struggles and almost being a carer for the person meant to be looking after her. It doesn’t go too much into detail about it, which I glad for, but it was enough for me to get behind her.

Her love interest was fun too. He kind of reminded me of Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with his hair and that he didn’t talk much. I enjoyed their romance, though I could have done without the misunderstandings.

How it deals with sex is also really good.

The horror / slasher aspect is actually kind of tame, there’s not a great deal of detail. We mainly find out how the people die from police mentioning it to other people after the fact rather than the other way around. I’m not a fan of this kind of genre so this worked well for me.

I would have liked more time spent with the killer because their reasons for killing was underwhelming and the reveal was a bit of a letdown but oh well.

It was just a fun, short read. Worth a try at the least.