A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts: Encounters with Cryptid Creatures by Ken Gerhard



  • Good description of creatures
  • Doesn’t rely on pictures
  • Gives lots of evidence
  • Interesting array of creatures


  • Maybe a bit too much evidence or anecdotes
  • I expected more about the supernatural (this is more on me than the book)


Thanks to the cover I came into this imaging a factual book on supernatural creatures. I was sort of wrong but that’s okay because this was really good. It does deal with legendary creatures like the Iceman and sea serpents … and werewolves … but from a more factual basis. It actually more or less leaves out the supernatural aspects of the creatures other than in passing … maybe … For example, when talking about werewolves it doesn’t really talk about them turning from humans to wolves or vice versa.

Instead it focuses on the evidence. There are lots of recorded sightings of the beasts – both historical and contemporary – put in here, including some from the author himself. It was good actually seeing the evidence of where Gerhard got his information from instead of just being told it. It even admitted when there were alternative theories for the creatures such as with the werewolves possibly being a hyena, which I really appreciated.

Admittedly, there was maybe a bit too much of the evidence and anecdotes. While I liked seeing the evidence I maybe would have liked more creatures than so many recorded sightings.

That being said there was a good array of creatures. I may not have been interested in all of them – I’ve never been too interested in the Iceman or ape like creatures – but it was interesting reading some of the sightings of them. I’ll admit I was more interested in the creatures from the “whimsical creatures” chapter, but that is because I’m more interested in the supernatural. Hell it had Black-eyed-children. Though in the bird section the most talked about creature was the Thunderbird which I’m especially fascinated about at the moment thanks to Harry Potter.


All in all, really good. An interesting read which I would recommend to anyone interested in cryptozoology. Well written with lots evidence and interesting creatures.



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