American Monsters (Demon Road #3) by Derek Landy


All things come to an end and Amber has to deal with everything that has happened since finding out she is a demon. She’s lost Kelly, she’s lost Glen – sort of – her parents are still after her and she’s working for the demon that started it all. With dreams of her dead siblings and Milo by her side will she find a way to be free?

The last of the series and it comes out today. I actually read American Monsters a week or two ago but I just couldn’t put my finger on if I liked it or not. I’m going to go with I just liked it. It was a good mix of the previous two books, both in style and bringing back characters.

The first book had a more episodic feel to it with Amber and Milo just going on adventure after adventure, like a season of Supernatural. The second book was more stationary, mostly staying within the one town. This was a good mix of the two as it stayed in places for just the right amount of time but there was a lot of movement as well.

Like with the previous books there is a nice cinematic feel to the whole thing. As I was reading I could almost see the transitions and the music in the background. There’s even a bit that would make a perfect montage, which was how I imagined it.  TBH I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was watching it rather than reading it. Some things just lend themselves better to TV. There was this one bit in the first few chapters where this hairy little creature dressed like Rocky. While I felt a bit of amusement, it more just reminded me of those kids movies that like to add pop culture references. It wasn’t bad exactly but it didn’t make me really laugh either.

Character wise, you could see Amber had developed. She finally started accepting her human side – less annoying comments on how her human side is ugly especially in comparison to her demon self,  thank God. It was nice seeing her grow into herself which also led to her conflicting feelings towards her parents. I think I actually liked her more than I had the previous books , though I still couldn’t connect with her very well. I did like how she gave a great defence / explanation for fanfiction, that was fun.

Milo is probably the second main character but for some reason he was just there. I kept forgetting about him which is strange since he was my favourite character in the first book. I want to say there was character development but I can’t think on how, but he did somehow. It was weird actually. Amber and he were both closer to each other yet had less chemistry – friendship wise- than the first book, not sure how to explain it.

Glen’s back, like proper him. That was good, sort of. Liked how he was morally ambiguous. Amber’s parents were fun as usual – there’s a reason I put them on my Top 5 Wednesday parents in books. We also see a bit of Amber’s dead siblings through Amber’s dreams. Sad thing was that I felt more connection to them than I did Amber. I’m still a bit confused about why she had those dreams TBH. I assume it was linked to her hallucinations. I didn’t even realise she was having hallucinations until Milo said she was, then I had to think back and realised she did actually hallucinate.

My only real problem with the characters is that there is some characters death – side note, I appreciated how death is permanent in these books- but I didn’t care. I felt absolutely nothing and when a group of them died together I didn’t feel like the characters really cared either, despite being close to them.

Overall just ok. There were definitely some good points and there was nothing really wrong with it, it’s just that nothing really stood out either. I couldn’t really care about the characters but there were some good descriptions … but that may have been better if I was watching them rather than reading them. So just ok.



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