The Bard and the Bible: A Shakespeare Devotional by Bob Hostetler



  • Well researched
  • Interesting



  • More Christian based than I thought (I know title should have been a hint)
  • Not sure quotes always related well


This is a interesting, well thought out comparison between Shakespeare’s works and the Bible. It’s comprised of a sort of thought of the day kind of thing. Each day has two quotes – one from Shakespeare and one from the Bible – which are meant to be related to each other,  a commentary on the quotes, ending with a question to think about that day, then some titbits of trivia about Shakespeare, the Bible or history.

The question to think about that day was good, though sometimes a bit general or things like how to serve God, which as a non-Christian didn’t apply to me, but that was okay. I wasn’t actually expecting it to be so Christian based – I didn’t notice the “Devotional” bit of the title till later. I thought it would be a critical piece comparing Shakespeare’s works with the Bible, as an ex literature student I’m still interested in things like that. It’s not a bad thing that I was wrong, its still an aspect of the book and I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I was reading day by day rather than all together.

As much as I did like there were times when I thought the relation to the two quotes were pushing it a bit. I couldn’t see the relation between them but that could just be me, and how I relate to the Shakespeare quotes, and for the most part I could see it.


All in all a good book to read if you love Shakespeare and I actually have a friend I’m recommending it to.




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