Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Books Outside Your Comfort Zone 

Top 5 Wednesday is a Booktube group which makes book related top five lists. I’m not very regular with my Youtube videos so I’ll post them here instead when I can.

For more info on the group looks here on the Goodreads page:


This week is ‘Favorite Books Outside Your Comfort Zone ’. First one of the month. Yay? Should be interesting since most of the books I read are very similar:



5) Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:

This was the first non-magical YA book I ever read. I was really surprised that I actually liked it.



4) Night Owls by Jenn Bennett:

Probably one of the few contemporary / romancey books that I like. American editions are called The Anatomical Shape of a Heart.


3) Black Fairy Tale by Otsuichi:

Just read this recently. I always thought I hated anything horroresque but I thought I’d give it a try and I’m glad I did.



2) Vacui Magia: Stories by L. S. Johnson:

This one I read because I read the previous one. It’s sort of horroresque or more speculative fiction, not what I usually go for. I also hate short stories, other than George R. R Martin I hated all that I’d read, but I enjoyed most of the ones in this book. Definitely worth a read.



1) Divergent series by Veronica Roth:

Same as Hunger Games really. I read this because I enjoyed Hunger Games really … that I heard such good things about it on Booktube… but I ended up liking it more.








Goodreads Links:


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Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:-



Divergent series by Veronica Roth:-



Night Owls by Jenn Bennett:-