The Labyrinth Wall by Emilyann Girdner


Araina is a Mahk doomed to live in the Labyrinth by the Creators. The only way to survive is through violence or mining for obsidian. Her whole life changes when a man emerges through the labyrinth wall.



  • No annoying romance
  • Fast paced
  • Interesting concept


  • Didn’t really hold my interest
  • Couldn’t connect with the characters




I don’t have much of an opinion of this book not because it was really bad or anything, i just couldn’t get into it.

The main character, Araina, is a girl who looks like a teenage girl but only has two years worth of memories. She describes it as the Creators – hint in their name- created the Mahks to mine obsidian within in the Labyrinth, and to do that they are created fully formed, rather than as children. Araina is one of the few Mahks she doesn’t resort to killing to survive. She lives a life of solitude with only a bird for company – Blue. I couldn’t get a grasp of her character. Yes she doesn’t resort to killing but that was it really for me. She could be a bit manipulative at times but for good reasons. There’s random times when she’s too curious for her own good, like at the beginning, which doesn’t feel consistent with her character … well for someone who had survived that long anyway. Her deduction skills leave a lot to be desired too really. I think there was some major hints given about the Labyrinth that she just seems to ignore, and  her ability to recognise people makes question how much of her survival was due to luck. There’s just nothing about her that really stands out.

That’s true for most of the characters really. Other than Darith, I can’t even remember any other character name, and he’s not in it for very long. I vaguely remember what they do, like the man that changes Araina’s life but their characters don’t really stand out.

The plot itself was interesting. I like the idea of the Labyrinth and there is a bit of mystery about it which I have a good idea about but won’t be confirmed until the rest of the series comes out. It is fast paced, so it should have been a quick read but I kept putting off reading the next chapter so it took me a while. I actually would have appreciated some more breaks in the action instead of it being one thing after another, just so I … and maybe the characters … could have time to sort through things that had happened.

There’s a death at the ending that just seems off to me. It felt sort of anti-climatic. From what I understood of the Mahks it should have been important but it happens in a couple of sentences and no importance seems to be put on it. The characters don’t seem to care and I keep trying to work out if I mixed up characters because so little importance is put on it.

Also, a major point of the book is when Araina and Darith manage to get into a castle which apparently no one else has been able to do – I don’t think that’s a spoiler, its near the beginning – but it’s just so easy for them. It feels like they just walked through the front door with the minimal effort and able to do just whatever they wanted. Even as I was reading I was thinking why anyone hadn’t done it before. Again it just didn’t feel as important as it should have been.

There were some good moments of high tension though. I can’t remember his name but the one that kept pets… I want to say something about rats but I don’t really care enough to go check… was interesting, though that could be because I like riddles. TBH the book was good at creating tension but only after the castle bit.

The book was just okay really. Nothing was too bad about it but nothing really grabbed my attention. I would maybe recommend it. Most of the other reviews on Goodreads are good. It definitely has a bit of Hunger Games or other YA dystopian future books I’ve read feel to it…. or heard about… though I don’t think that is what this is.





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