Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Character Names

Top 5 Wednesday is a Booktube group which makes book related top five lists. I’m not very regular with my Youtube videos so I’ll post them here instead when I can.

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This week is ‘Favorite Character Names’. Missed a couple of weeks of this, sorry about that. Had a bit of computer trouble and I honestly had no idea what to write for the previous weeks, but whatever. Anyway, here is this week’s list:


5) Clara? in Children of Icarus:

I wasn’t a big fan of this book but I appreciated how the name of the protagonist reflected her character. Have to read it to find out what I mean.



4) Four in the Divergent series:

Part of the reason Four’s here is because I’m a bit in love with him. The other is that I like the origin of where Tobias got the name Four.



3) Lemarick Novel in Book of Shade:

No idea why but I love his name … love the character and the book as well.



2) Katerina Petrova in The Vampire Diaries:

There were a couple of people I could have put on here from the show, Klaus, or Nadia or Qetsiyah to say a few, but I went with Katarina. Love Katherine in the show … the book not so much but that’s beside the point. Love the sound of her name, especially when Elijah says it.


1) Celaena in Throne of Glass:

Just about any of the characters in the series could have been on this list … despite the fact I can’t pronounce them… but the main character wins. I actually love all the names she goes by  like Lillian or Aelin or Elentiya so just pick your favourite out of her names to go there.




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