Shadowhunters: Ep. 12 Malec



Right, well that happened.


Sorry I’m a bit late on this I spent hours yesterday scanning, emailing and faxing stuff for my brother. Anyway, this weeks’ episode was just okay for me. I liked the wedding and had a minor fan girl squealing moment for the kiss but other than that I wasn’t overwhelmed.


There was nothing to bad about it but other than my fangril moment nothing really stood out as great either. TBH I was more fangirling as a book fan than because of the show. Magnus has always been my favourite character in the book series but in this episode he felt kind of awkward. His seduction scene with Alec made me a bit uncomfortable, probably because he used magic to make him feels things rather than let him actually feel it. Add to that they don’t have a relationship so the kiss doesn’t feel deserved. They haven’t spent much time with each other and while there is definite attraction between them, their meetings have been rather one sided.

Speaking of the wedding… has the show explained Shadowhunter wedding ceremonies? They mentioned a rune but that’s it as far as I remember. I vaguely remember from the book gold being the colour for weddings but that’s it. I did not understand the whole bracelet and necklace thing, is that a normal… I don’t know. Though I did like the music used and the outfits in it.

Tad confused at Alec thanking Clary, it didn’t really feel in character but oh well, glad that everyone has sorted out their issues with each other. Bits about Clary kind of annoyed me:- I don’t find her particularly pure of heart or intentions, and, she really needs to be nicer to people. She does not know how to be subtle when talking to Lydia. She felt too rude … or familiar with Ragnor Fell and poor Simon. This was the first time in the whole series…. that I remember anyway….that Clary has called her so called best friend when she didn’t need help and its only really because she can’t be with Jace. Not loving the relationship.

Lydia was very kind about the whole Alec thing… too nice maybe? Her scene with Clary just felt off. How she spoke did not feel like she usually did. Normally she is accepting or at least understanding of everything, including everyone’s negative opinion of her but when she talked to Clary she seemed… ruder I guess. Don’t know how to describe it. That and I found the music choice for her just before she left the wedding a bit weird. It made me feel suspicious of her despite knowing she wasn’t the Ragnot mole. Still a bit suspicious of her. Also when did Jace get over his issues with her. Yes she was great about Alec but he still thought she was the mole right?



Izzy, fun as usual, Simon was just a bit too much for me. Him trying to flirt with Izzy didn’t work and his Graduate reference went on for too long and was not the moment for it.


Now Hodge. I’m not surprised because duh, book fan. They could have spread that out to the next episode, give it a bit of mystery. Maybe a POV shot after Lydia’s attack of going to Jocelyn and summoning Valentine so that it could be revealed next time but oh well. In all honestly it didn’t work for me like it did in the book. Hodge is a very different character than the one in the book and I can’t see him betraying them like that. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, my next thing to look forward to is the Sebastion reveal, I’m guessing that’s a next season story line.


Overall this episode just didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great, just apathetic to it. The best bit was when I fangirled the rest was just … yeah that happened. I just didn’t care. Hopefully next week will be better, though yay for a reference to Tessa.