Is anyone that surprised by what happened?

This episode I was kind of apathetic about. The ‘Big Reveal’ didn’t give me any feels and how they did it was pretty predictable – yes I read the books but they way they did it was different so I shouldn’t have guessed that easily.

Doing things a bit different this week. Instead of just going through the whole episode I’m just going to do moments.

Best moments of the episode:-

  1. Michael Wayland acting:

Just because I didn’t like the reveal doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the acting. The person playing “Michael Wayland” was really did feel like Valentine – or how he is in the show. He was really good at showing his love for Jocelyn  despite pretending to be someone else. Also, I’m not sure if I’m just imaging it or not, whenever Luke was in the room to looked like he was purposely trying to avoid looking at him, unless directly answering him and even then not all the time, and we know how much Valentine hated Luke. I might have imagined it since was what I noted down as I was watching but when I was re-watching the scenes it wasn’t as clear as I thought it was.

2. Simon’s reaction:

His reaction to finding out Clary and Jace were siblings was hilarious. His complete joy at a situation that should be giving his best friend endless torment should be worrying but it was so Simon. Add to that Luke’s encouragement.. so brilliant.

3. Best Dad in the World cup:

I don’t how or when Clary learnt a glamour spell but I liked how she glamoured a mug that said Best Dad in the World to be the Mortal Cup. It was just a nice touch




Questionable moments :-

  1. The Trial

The whole trial just felt really corny. No other words for it.


2. Clary’s lines:

Not all her lines, just some of them sounded ridiculous, Like “Let him Try” (Valentine trying to kill them or getting the Cup.Yes an adult Shadowhunter who’s known for killing shadowhunters and has a load of other shadowhunters and demons at his command is going to have so much trouble against two teenagers – one who’s had barely any training and the other just recovering from being poisoned- and two adults – one of which has supposedly had no training or moment for the last 10 years- I bet Valentine would have been scared.