Allegiant (Divergent 3) by Veronica Roth



Why the hell did no one warn me?


Ok, I have known the ending of the book for over a year but it still didn’t prepare me. I cried myself to sleep after reading it – admittedly it was midnight and I already have issues sleeping. I was still a bit emotional waking up and had to read some fanfiction to momentarily forget that ending.

I’m not sure it is the best book I’ve ever read but it certainly brought out the most emotions in me than anything. Though this is definitely the best series in this genre I’ve read.

Now that I’ve finished the series – I’m not counting the Four anthology, I’m so not ready to read it yet- I think that each book has something it excelled in. Divergent was the characters, Insurgent the plot and Allegiant the emotional impact.


Character wise I think Allegiant was just okay. Looking back on it after I’m less emotional, the characters had developed but it didn’t feel like they had when I was reading it. Tris has got over her death wish actions that she had during the last book but it felt like her and Four had the same issues they had previously and just repeated the same mistakes again. Caleb sort of did, he understood what he did was wrong and tried to make up for it but we see that Tris is always going to be the braver of siblings. Peter also kind of developed. He realised how small he is in the world and it sort of made him question himself. He doesn’t really change but we find out he’s more aware of his evilness than we thought and that he doesn’t really like. Everyone else felt pretty much the same as they did the previous book. Even when people die we don’t get much emotion from side characters even when its their sister like with George – new character who was only mentioned in the previous ones.

When it comes to Four it’s surprising we don’t get more development since, unlike the previous books, we have POV chapters from him. Rather than show how he’s evolved it more shows his thoughts and feelings to previous events or people. I was surprised when I saw his POV chapters since it was a divergence from the previous books – see what I did there – and I didn’t really like it at first, it just didn’t feel right but I understood why Roth did it. Since Four does do more things separate from Tris we need his POV and I did get into it about half way through. It was interesting seeing how he viewed Tris and seeing his conflicting feelings to hurting people. It also added to the emotional aspect because we needed to see Four’s reaction to things. I think I cried more on his POV than on Tris’.

Plot wise it was ok. It felt a bit like Insurgent just in a different setting – people rebelling, corrupt government withholding information, people die, logic being twisted to explain terrible things. I liked how it questions the use of genetic manipulation and whether a person can be responsible for their actions or if it is the fault of the genes. This kind of includes the nature vs nurture debate. It is an interesting question that isn’t entirely answered since Peter is still showing signs of cruelty at the end.

Usually I don’t like it when books have a last chapter that is a few years into the future. My least favourite part of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Wicca / Sweep series have all been this annoying last chapter. They’re all more mature and happy and have a family and all their issues have been resolved. I get it’s meant to show the affects of the characters actions and whether what they did was worth it, but it usually just feels sickly sweet. Here it was different it was actually a perfect way to the end series. It wasn’t too far into the future, only two years, so there isn’t people with their happy families. You can still see how all the characters have been affected on the world but its not as far reaching as say Harry Potter or Hunger Games. It mainly only affected their city and the surrounding area. There was a hint that it could go further but that would require more work. That and you can feel the sadness still seeping through but them trying to move past it. It was just bittersweet.

One bit that I wasn’t so fond of is how it singles out Tris. Yes she is a divergent so is already in a minority but there are others like her. In this book, and a tiny bit in the previous book, it goes beyond that. Unlike the other divergents she is resistant to nearly all serums and her family is different to everyone else’s. Her father’s side is fine but her mother is from beyond the wall which ‘no one’ knew existed before the last book. It’s almost like a Chosen one story, that only she could have led the uprising because of all these factors. It might have been better if it felt like anyone could have done it but she was one of the few brave enough to have actually tried, kind of like Four.

Overall I really did enjoy this book… this series. There were interesting characters who even if they didn’t feel like they evolved you did get emotionally vested in. You can tell Roth is a good writer in that even though I knew the ending, have for ages, I still felt it. I cried my eyes out and – since my mum was in the room for most of it- hid my face under a blanket while reading it so no one would see me crying – I never cry for a book, a couple of times for TV but never in a book. Hell it just added to the emotions since the happy moments felt bittersweet because I knew what would happen. It’s just a brilliant series that I would recommend even though I jokly told my friends not to through teary eyes.





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