Shadowhunters: Ep. 10. This World Inverted


What the hell?

I’m not entirely sure what I watched this week. It … wasn’t what I expected to say the least. Not sure what I thought it would be like since I knew none of this happens in the books but I found it oddly interesting.

We start with Clary and Jace somehow following Merlion in the Seelie realm – even Clary seems confused by it since she asks how they got there- to open a portal to an alternate world where Shadowhuners no longer exist. TBH I didn’t really understand why they needed to go to an alternate world to find Valentine but Polandbananasbooks explained. Apparently Clary’s necklace is a portal shard from an alternate world where portals go to people rather than only places the person has been before like their world portals do. It seems like a very convoluted way of finding Valentine but oh well.

On a side not something similar does happen in the last book I think. In there Jace, Clary, Simon, Izzy and Alec all, instead of just Clary and Jace, go to an alternate world by going through the Seelie realm where Shadowhunters no longer exist but the world is completely different. The Shadowhunters are gone because demons have taken over the world and turned it into a wasteland. The show goes the opposite and has the Shadowhunters had killed all the demons so they were no longer needed so the world is reasonably similar to the real world.

Anyway, Melion uses some weird hand movements to open the portal and the next time we see them its completely dark and he finally opens it. Clary goes through and ends up in her counterparts body. I kind of love this world. It is hilarious.

Valentine and Jocelyn are together, Magnus pretends to be a psychic and Luke is a book shop seller – nice reference to what actually happens in the books.  Clary has super fast drawing skills which she uses to prove to Magnus what has happened to her and he agrees to help her find the portal where the portal shard is from.

I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t get my usual happy feeling with Magnus. Usually I can’t  help but smile when he’s on screen but this time I was just… egh. I liked him just not as much as usual. Loved his two cats though – Church and Chairman Meow. Its another reference to the books since Church is the cat of the Institute and Chairman Meow is actually Magnus’ cat. It made me smile when I saw them.

The alternate world counterparts of everyone was so much fun. Simon was cute and confident. Izzy was slightly geeky with a crush on her friend’s dad. Alec was more like Magnus from the other world, even uses the same lines as him.  Valentine is just funny. Jace… Jace is a bit of a wimpy hipster. The chemistry between everyone is brilliant. You really feel everyone’s friendship with each other especially between Simon and Clary. The Count Dracula stare was hilarious.

While Magnus and Clary go to the Institute basement to find the portal a demon from the real world came and attacked them…. Just came to me but why did the demon appear in the Institute? The portal was somewhere in the Seelie realm and Clary appeared in her counterpart – also not in the Institute – and demons can’t usually get into there in the real world so why did it appear there…. Whatever. Clary pulls some out of no where fighting moves to stop the demon, Jace arrives – real one- and helps her stop the demon and they both end up going through the portal. This is where the ‘What the hell?’ comes in. They arrive at Valentine’s lair to find not Valentine but Jace’s dad. Now I’m hopping it’s Valentine using some kind of glamour otherwise they’ve gone even further way from the books than I thought they would. We’ll just have to see next week.

Before I talk about what happened in the rest of the episode – outside of the alternate world – I just want to mention the cinematography for the worlds. I appreciated how they changed the colouring or filters for each world to make them more distinctive. The Seelie world was very bright and full of light … until night time … and the parallel world had a filter that was slightly blurred – really slightly- around the edges. Don’t know how to describe it but I think someone said an Instagram filter, I don’t know since I’ve never used it. There was also some kind of blur effect to show when Clary and her counterpart were starting to blur into one another. I may not have liked these effects themselves but I appreciated them and found them useful.


Now for the rest of the episode which wasn’t as good in my opinion.  Simon’s appointed the liaison between the werewolves and vampires – one of the few scenes I wasn’t impressed with when it comes to Simon. Him and Luke have a little walk that is interrupted by an Internal Affairs from a few episodes. I was a bit confused by this since he’s after Luke for killing the Captian but I thought the guy said he didn’t think Luke did it and that he was with Luke when she died? The guy gets knocked out and Simon scares the hell out of everyone by pretending to be the killer and about to kill the guy. I admit that was pretty good. Luke comes ‘saves’ the guy though I wonder how he’s going to explain why he was calmly walking with the supposed killer before the guy arrived?

In the Institute Izzy is arrested for saving Meliorn and Alec gets angry at Jace because of it. He does something stupid that could still kill and tries to explain why he didn’t give the Cup last episode. Not the best explanation but whatever.

I mostly enjoyed this episode. I loved the alternate world. It was so much fun and their was great acting within it. There was some effort put into the cinematography which while I didn’t like I did appreciate. Everything outside that world…. well I’m going to pretend doesn’t exist.