Shadowhunters: Ep. 9. Rise Up


Well we’re on episode nine, over half way through the season, and I’m not sure what to say. I don’t know what to think about ‘Rise Up’. There were quite a few issues with it and for once it had nothing to do with the acting.

Just a quick note on the acting:- It was really good. Everyone was really good, so much improvement from the first episode. You could really see the chemistry between everyone including Clary and Jace and you could feel the emotions that everyone was feeling.

My problem was what was happening in the episode. The main thing that stood out was that they seemed to have forgotten what happened in the previous episode. Alec spends the first half of the episode telling Jace that Clary needs to return to the Institute with the cup and he helps with looking for the cup in Clary’s room. Last week he was the one to put it in the safe so why is he searching for it. It’s not like they’ve really forgotten this since in the second half Jace and everyone try to get Alec’s stele so they can get the cup from the safe. – Side note why do they need a specific stele for that? Why can’t they use their own? Have they explained this elsewhere? – I’m not sure what happened here. It doesn’t make sense and it seems the writers should have thought about it better or given an explanation for it.

Keeping with Alec, his reasoning for everything seems a bit flawed. It seems that his reason for it all – marrying Lydia, betraying his friends ect. is to restore his family honour – not going to comment family honour thing again- but if Izzy is going to do the complete opposite like she did in this episode than it’s a waste of time. Izzy would be ruining all his efforts. His parents already ruined their reputation – still annoyed that their children and Jace didn’t know about their Circle involvement – and if you add Izzy to that it just makes him the odd one out so he can’t represent the family.

At the beginning of the episode Alec has a big wound on his arm. I was really confused when I saw it because I’m assuming he got it at the end of the previous episode and I didn’t think he got that injured. I thought that he just got hit – not cut- on the side and fell to the floor. I just looked back on it to check and I’m still not sure. I think the Infernal one did hit him with something that had sharp points but I didn’t see any wound on Alec or even a rip in the shirt. I’m not sure. Can anyone explain?

I didn’t realise until now but most of my issues with the episode are to do with Alec. Just to add one more bit, I really didn’t like how he treated Magnus. He was being beyond rude and yes he does thank him for his advice the previous episode but he was really mean to him, I felt bad for him.


I got really excited for a moment at the end. I thought we’d finally find out if Jace knows how Alec feels about him. Jace sounds like he is about to acknowledge it but Alec interrupts before it is properly stated or to find out how long Jace has known. It’s a shame, I would really like to know.

Only two more issues then I can get onto other things. One, when did Clary learn how to use the necklace? She mentions that she does know how to use it now but last time we saw it Alec was putting it in the safe because Valentine used it to communicate with her. She had no idea it could do that and she was only getting visions sporadically before that so when did she learn? Two, why is that stupid blur effect back on the action scenes?


Now that’s out of the way, to what I really liked…. There wasn’t much but I thought it was cute the little heart to unbeating heart between Clary and Simon. It’s good they got that out of the way. I also loved how the blood was served in the Hotel Du Mort. It was in a tall glass with a bit of lime on the rim. I don’t know why I found it so funny but I did. It was a nice little touch.

I found the title of the episode – ‘Rise Up’ – was very appropriate. Simon has literally risen up from the grave and trying to deal with it. Jace, Clary and Izzy are rising up against the Clave for their unfairness – mostly against the Downworlders. They are trying to start a new regime by allying with the Downworlders. And the Downworlders – Vampires, Werewolves and possible the Fey – are rising up against the Shadowhunters.

I’m not sure what I think about this uprising with the Downworlder with Jace, Clary and Izzy. I find it interesting and it makes a nice bit of mirroring/ parallels with what happened with the Circle. Like the Circle its goes against the Clave, involves some of the same families and one of the group gets turned into a Downworlder. The main difference is that the Circle wanted to make more Shadowhunters to kill demons – and for Valentine this included Downworlders – while Clary and co want to give Downworlders equal rights. This kind of thing does happen in the books but the whole trying to get equal rights doesn’t happen until the last few books.


Overall, I don’t think I liked this episode. Nothing that happens in it happens in the books or something similar happens just in later books. The differences aren’t the only problem. Parts of the plot just do not make sense with what has already been shown previously or are not properly explained and they still have unnecessary effects which do not work well. The acting was really good but it was not enough to make up for the plot holes.