Insurgent (Divergent 2) by Veronica Roth


Brilliant. No other words are needed to describe how good this book is. I know I committed book blasphemy by watching the film first but I think it worked in my favour here.

The film was … okay. Not terrible, not brilliant, just something that I didn’t mind watching and could watch again if it come on TV. If I watched it after reading the book I would have been so disappointed. The book is so much more complex and interesting and even better than the first book, it even made me cry once or twice.




I can’t be with him in that way if one of my reasons for wanting it is to distract myself from grief.”


One on the things I appreciated  is how relationships are treated – not just this book but the series in general. Tris not sleeping with Four because she knows its for the wrong reasons is just one example. I know its not that unusual now for characters to show some responsibility in a relationship but its still nice to see. Its also good that they debate about whether they have to tell each other everything straight way or not. I don’t think either one of them won since they both kept things from each other but I don’t care, they talked about it.



You die, I die too.”

I nearly wanted to cry when Four said this. It was both sweet and heartbreaking considering what’s happening at the time…. and stupid, very Romeo and Juliet which is not a compliment, but its Four so I’ll ignore the stupidity of it and stick with the other emotions. Four is just constantly the perfect man. He’s strong, attractive, smart, nearly always knows what to say to Tris, just… perfect. Yes he can be a bit hypocritical at times in regards to sharing and – when it comes to his mother- let his emotions cloud his reasoning but it just adds to his character and show that he’s human. His love for Tris is just adorable.

Speaking of Tris. I love Tris, I do, but here she started to fall into the heroine stereotype of being overly self sacrificing … heroes in general actually, not just heroines. The first book I loved that she wasn’t like that and I was a bit disappointed that she keeps purposefully putting herself in danger here. Admittedly there is an excuse for it and it does make sense. She is mourning her family – death and betrayal- struggling with the overwhelming guilt and definitely has signs of PTSD. She has a bit of a death wish and it is completely understandable, I just… I don’t even know, I can understand it but not like it I suppose. There is one scene that I found absolutely heartbreaking and I’ll admit there may have been a tear. After someone dies, Tris leaves everyone and goes to the elevator:-

“I scream, my hands tearing at my clothes. My throat is raw after just a few seconds, and there are scratches on my arms where I missed the fabric, but I keep screaming.”

It wasn’t just that description that made it heartbreaking but the fact that as soon as the elevator opens she straightens out her clothes and tries to looks normal. I found that more heartbreaking than the person dying.


Usually I have lots of things to say about what I don’t like about a book but I don’t here. I got so involved in the story that I barely made any notes, mainly just a couple of highlights, and nothing is really standing out for me now thinking back. I only have one question that I don’t think makes sense. Why does Tris say/ think “The Dauntless will elect a new leader.”? It’s towards the end of the story when Tris thinks she will die but Four will live. Four is the leader not her, so if Four does survive why will they need a new leader? This isn’t even that important. It’s one sentence from a whole book and I only remembered it because it was one of the few notes I lefts on it.


Not a criticism, just found it funny but the word ‘Insurgent’ only appears in one scene and its towards the end. According to my kindle it’s first used 86% into the book and the last few percentage of the book includes author’s notes and promotions for the other stories. When I saw it I couldn’t help but put the note ‘roll credits’.

Overall this is just a brilliant book that I enjoyed so much more than the film. Character wise I preferred the first book but plot wise this was better. It was nicely written with some great quotes which will be on my Goodreads page soon and a fictional boyfriend who just keeps getting better. I would definitely recommend this to those who like the first book or this genre. Other than Hunger Games I haven’t read many like this since it’s not really my genre but it was by far the best one I’ve read so far.






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