Shadowhunters Ep. 8 ‘Bad Blood’


Now what to say about this episode?…..I really liked it. There were a couple of bits that I found questionable but it was mostly really good.

The acting was so improved from the previous episodes, especially towards the end. You could really feel the chemistry between Clary and Jace, more than anywhere else. I was almost in tears at the end with the graveyard scene, could really feel the emotion. I loved how sassy Clary was when she punched Camille then just turned and smirked. Cute scene even if logically speaking it was stupid. Camille is a powerful vampire and she just let a teenage girl punch her… doesn’t make sense but oh well.


That being said, I had the most problems with them two, acting wise, then any other character… I had issues with other characters but that was to do with the plot.Their opening scene where they’re talking about the cup felt really close to being awkward. They’re standing really close together with the cup between them and the mid shot so it focuses just on them makes the scene seem too intimate and not fitting for the situation or the place.

There was a moment when Clay, Jace and Raphael where all around Simon. Raphael explains what will happen to Simon and Clary bursts out crying. Now the crying itself was fine it was just the pause between Raphael finishing and her crying was a bit too long for me so it felt forced.

This isn’t to do with their acting because it was good in this scene but the conversation between Clary and Jace in  Simon’s room didn’t make sense. Ok all of it made sense except Jace’s falcon memory. This is one straight from the books but not in the same situation so it didn’t fit quite right here. It felt out of place as it had nothing to do with Simon’s situation and didn’t work as a moral tale of what Clary should do about it.

Just while I’m on the point, what excuse did Clary give for Simon’s absence and shouldn’t have Simon’s mum heard Clary talking to Jace?

Also there was only one shovel in the end scene. Did Clary do all the digging because she looks way to clean and not tired for that? If it was me I would be covered in dirt, out of breathe and sweaty.

Still of Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (2016)



To the other main couple of the series – Magnus and Alec. Love them both, so cute. Every time I see Magnus I smile. “Magnus is quite magical”… really Alec, so sweet. Topless Alec is also a good thing, could definitely see the appeal and Alec with Max is so adorable. I only had two issues with Alec’s scenes this episode, one only small the other I actually shouted at my screen for. When Magnus says something along the lines of follow your heart Alec replies with “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think you’re right”. One, why can’t you believe it? Two it doesn’t make sense for his next scene, they should have just left it at Magnus’ line. Now the WTF scene. Why did Alec propose? How did that fit with what he just said? I hope it makes sense in later episodes. I don’t know what else to say about it really, I’m still in shock.

The potential bride was awesome. Lydia Branwell is a nice little nod to the prequel books – The Infernal Devices. She was a hardass but you can see she’s still human. Her entrance raises some questions though. She uses a glamour to look like Valentine, so everyone including Alec recognises Valentine by sight. Does that mean Jace would as well? If he does it doesn’t make sense if they are following the book plot.

There was some more of Valentine this episode. He was brilliant. I love how you can see his feelings for Jocelyn, its adds more to his character and is a nice addition. He does have feelings for Jocelyn in the books but its only really apparent in one scene in the books – not the first one- and he’s not even in that scene.

Raphael was also brilliant. They stuck reasonably close to the books for him but his acting really shows that he has feelings.

Again with the honour in the Lightwood family. Why? I was surprised that Alec didn’t know about his parents but it sort of made sense, I guess. Izzy despite not have enough scenes was hilarious. Her taking the cup with the whip and the second rule of Shadowhunters being able to do anything in heels line was great. Her excitement over the autopsy was both funny and disturbing. Though how is she the best pathologist in the city, I like the idea just don’t understand it.


Since I keep mentioning the action scenes I have to today. Hodge fighting the Infernal one was …… actually really good. The effects weren’t over done and was well choreographed. Just have to ask why he didn’t shout out to anyone else that there was an intruder? There could have been more and you can see people just walking on the other side of the frosted glass.

Finally Simon. He was perfectly acted and his scene- well when he regained his senses- was heartbreaking. I was almost in tears. He sounded a bit like a rapid dog when he first broke free from the earth but it was fitting. When he realised he was vampire …. just brilliant. Not enough words for it and made me really excited for the next episode.


Overall this was a great episode. Only a couple of minor issues that I can ignore for now. It was really well acted, good music choice, a couple of nods to the books. It was just well done.








Just a quick list of the differences / similarities with the books:

  • Cup needs a rune to get in and out of the Tarot cards, it’s not a special ability of Clary’s
  • The part with Raphael is mostly the same – bringing Simon to the Institute, burying him
  • Whole part of Raphael going against Camille and exiling her for breaking the accords does happen but happened 2 or so years before the first book, we don’t see it happen
  • Lydia Branwell is complexly made up, no one comes from the Clave to take over
  • No talk of marriage or proposals with Alec or anyone
  • Alec knows his parents were in the circle.
  • … not quite as emotional as he is on the show though does mention his past from the prequels – history with the Branwells.
  • Autopsies are not done by Izzy but by the Silent Brothers in the City of Bones
  • The Infernal ones as the show has them
  • Shadowhunters can’t do glamours … I don’t think
  • Jace does give the Falcon speech just in a different situation
  • Jocelyn finding Luke after the werewolf attack – flashback
  • Max isn’t introduced till a later book
  • Just Hodge in general, I always imagined him as a grandfatherly scholar