Shadowhunters Ep. 7 ‘Major Arcana’

I surprisingly liked this weeks’ episode – Major Arcana. It follows Luke, Clary, Jace, Alec and Izzy trying to get the mortal cup from the police station. At the same time – and I don’t feel like I’m spoiling it- Simon finally accepts that he’s turning into a vampire.

Character wise I think everyone improved; there was nothing that really stood out as cringe worthy, which is a first. We got a couple of minutes Magnus who still makes me smile every time he talks. Luke- his lines weren’t always the best but he made the most of them. I’m not  sure but I think this is the most we’ve seen of him – adult him- in an episode. I would have liked it if he showed a bit more emotion when the person dies but I can ignore it.

The Lightwood siblings were cute and it was fun watching them together. Alec trying chat up the police woman was adorable and like Izzy said it makes great practice for asking out Magnus, which he clearly needs. I was a bit confused that Izzy was willing to leave Alec to fight the demons even though Jace and her struggled with them together with Clary but I suppose he was just stopping more from getting in. There was even a moment of pity I felt for Alec at the ending scene until I remembered Magnus.

Strangely enough Jace and Clary had more chemistry than I think any other episode, saying that I think the camera lingered a bit too much on their kiss. Both were better acting / lines wise, a couple of funny moments thrown in there as well like when Jace was being dragged out of the station. Wasn’t so happy with the elevator scene but that was because of the night vision effect and the stupidity at the drawing of the ruin. Jace handed her the stele to draw it on her back but then she asks him for help with it then says she can finish it off herself. Why didn’t he just do it himself, its on her back? One thing that slightly got on my nerves about Clary was why she didn’t practice taking objects out of pictures beforehand, it might have been useful…. oh and she should find a better time to say thank you. When you are being chased by demons do not stop hint at Izzy to go away and then take your time to say thank you, your’re running away.

Usually I like Simon but I all his scenes just felt off. Among other things why and when the hell did he sleep with Maureen? There was no lead up to that in the last episode, no hint that he was even going to see her after what happened last week so where did that come from? Simon never struck me as someone who would just use someone like that which he clearly is if the hallucination is anything to go by. Just while we’re speaking about her, Maureen was really good, there was barely two minutes of her but she was quick and witty. When Simon said that he forgot something while trying to run away– after just calling out Clary’s name- she was quick to say “was it my name?”.

Simon with his family – mother and sister- did not work for me. I understood why they went to talk to him but why did the mother and sister have an argument about STIs when they were trying to talk to him about drugs and after he said that he might be seriously ill. They were meant to be focusing on him. Also why did they leave him alone after that and how did they not hear his room being destroyed?

Simon’s best scenes I think were the ones on his own, like him watching Nosferatu to see aspects of a vampire. It was both funny and fitting. Though it does show Clary as a crappy friend, she should be there, he’s always there for her. Have to wonder why he didn’t go to the Institute when Clary wasn’t available though?

Camille was also on point. Love her even if I’m annoyed that her story doesn’t follow the book.

As usual I have a couple of questions that weren’t clear or didn’t make sense:

  • Why didn’t Luke tell Clary he had the cards? Last episode Clary said she knew where the cup was. Did she just leave after saying that, without Luke or expanding, to go tell Jace and Magnus where it was – but not Luke- so Luke could make an entrance by saying he had it?
  • I thought glamours/ invisibility  could work on downworlders and Shadowhunters? Didn’t that happen a couple of episodes ago in Valentine’s lair? Though I think they were faeries, is it just a faerie thing?
  • Why are the demons scared of the cup?
  • And was the woman detective – forgotten her name- a shape shifter when she defended Clary or not? If she was how did she know about Clary’s boy troubles?

I haven’t got anything to really say about the effects or the music like I usually do, they were mostly good. I even liked the use of music in the ending scene. I’d talk about the episode from a book fan point of view but I’m not sure what to say on that front. Nothing was the same as the books in this episode other than the Cup is in the Tarot cards and even the how of that was different. A couple of other reviews mention that some lines of the first book where used but I didn’t notice them. The difference from the books make it surprising that I enjoyed this episode. There was no reason I should enjoy it as a book fan but it was well done and mostly made sense in the world the show has produced. The acting was good and pacing worked, there wasn’t a lot of annoying effects… it just worked. Hope it continues to next episode, there’s a cute Malec scene where Alec is topless at first, always a good sign.