I’m not sure what to say about this episode TBH. I gonna go with apathetic, leaning towards no, just no.

I’ll start with the positives, to be nice. I do like how the show is not just focusing on Clary and Jace. I like that we get to see more of characters like Izzy and Magnus, even Alec. I love Magnus and nearly all the scenes he’s in I can’t help but smile. His scenes with Alec are especially cute. Simon was ok this episode, not as good as the other ones but not terrible. We saw more of Luke’s past and Valentine’s uprising which was … interesting.

Ok that wasn’t really a positive. I hated it. Hated as a TV viewer and book fan. This barely has anything to do with the books. There are no weird dreamscapes nor flashbacks in them and there shouldn’t be now. We’re just told about what happen which is barely the same as what I watched. Joceyln does not realize she is in any way in love with Luke until well in a couple of books, not when she was still with Valentine. I can’t be sure but I’m pretty sure Valentine didn’t experiment on himself as well. I’m pretty sure Luke getting changed into a werewolf was more an accident than what I saw though I did like that they used what Valentine said when he found out what Luke was. Just to add to it all, that was not how Joceyln left Valentine, it was a bit more secretive than that. Now, I can’t say I would have been happy with these changes but I could have accepted then if they were done well.  I’m sorry the filming of the flashback and dreamscape felt cheap and like a college film project. The dreamscape especially. I know the person who plays Luke is a good actor so I know its the script this time. It was terribally written. There was excessive use of really short sentences, around 3 words a sentence. I don’t know what they thinking. This was not helped by young Valentine and his weird faces or the stupid action scene. STOP USING BLUR EFFECT. Its not good.

Speaking of not in the books, what is going on with the Lightwood family. Political alliances? Family honour? Where did that come from? The family relationship were very different from the books. Izzy is not a daddy’s girl, she has some resentment towards him due to what her mum told her, its a shame its not in the show but oh well. In all fairness I didn’t mind this as much as the flashbacks. It was well done and showed character development for Izzy and some character for her mum. I think it made sense with what the show has shown so far.

Clary’s speech slipped back to cringe worthy at time. When she said; “He needs a warlock. He needs you!” I couldn’t help but think ‘Nah, really, what did Magnus just say’. Speaking of that. Why is there Alpha venom? And why is it affecting Luke who is now essentially an Alpha so should be made up of it? How does that work anyway, does his physiology suddenly change so he can produce Alpha venom? I don’t know, I’m so confused.

As much as I love Magnus and I find his moments with Alec adorable, their little ending scene did not feel deserved. I don’t think they’ve spent enough time together to justify Magnus saying Alec’s unlocked feelings in him. It’s a bit too soon. Saying that, I loved that scene, just wished it happened later.

After watching this episode I’m left with a few questions. Hopefully, they will be answered soon, or if someone else could, I’d be really thankful.

  • I already said the ones about werewolves.
  • Why does Hodge still have his circle mark when everyone else doesn’t? Joceyln and Luke clearly had them in the flashbacks and I’m assuming the Lightwoods had them at some point.
  • Why did Joyclen hide her artistic abilities?
  • Has the show explained fire messages? I’m assuming that’s what Izzy did at the end.
  • Magnus asked for more than one ingredient from Jace right… for the potion? Jace only came back with one. I’m confused.

Okay enough questions. This episode… I take it back, I’m not apathetic, I did not like it. The only good thing was Magnus and not even al that was great. The acting was bad, the changes and dream sequence were unnecessary. It was just confusing. I really need someone to rant to about it.