Shadowhunters: Episode 3

Despite not liking the previous episodes of Shadowhunters I’m still watching it. I’m in two minds about this episode- Dead Man’s Party, name reminds me of a Buffy episode.- On one hand I liked this episode slightly better than the other two, on the other, as a fan of the book, I kept saying what the hell?

The acting was … still not brilliant but a lot better than before. I wasn’t cringing at everything I heard which is a plus. On the negative, I still don’t believe some of the relationships. I’m talking about Alec and Jace here. They’re supposed parabatai, or even close as brothers. Not feeling it. It just feels strained, even with the hand holding scene. The same goes with Jace and Clary. There is a scene were Jace teachers her how to use a blade that is supposed to show their chemistry. Not feeling it. It felt like the music was trying to tell me how I should feel about them but there was nothing to back it up.

Speaking of that scene. What was up with the effects? Or, should I say, why is there an effect? There’s a weird wind or blur thing whenever the blade was thrust forward. What was the point? It didn’t add anything, in fact it just looked cheap and a bit strange.

I can’t be certain but I think there was an editing mistake towards the end. Usually I don’t notice these things but it stood out to me. We see a long shot of Clary and it looks like she says “Oh my god”, then the next scene she says it again. Now it could be she just repeated it but it looked wrong to me.

Now that’s out the way. How the hell is this like the book? Simon should not be able to throw a knife with perfect precision. Random, I know, but why are the weapons buried in the graveyard. They are supposed to be under the altar and, from what I understand filming outdoors is a lot harder than indoors. So why the hell did they bother with the change.

The main thing is Camille. Camille does not appear in the first few books, I’m not even sure the other characters are aware of her until she appears. So why is she here? Don’t get me wrong, I really like her. She’s fun and nearly exactly how I imagined her.  It’s just that she wasn’t there during that time in the books and she’s suddenly developed the ability to freeze people. Where did that come from?

Overall  the episode is … not terrible. It’s better than the first two episodes but is steering off from the books a bit, well the first one anyway. Let’s see what the next one is like.