Nymphs by Sari LuhtanenMiikko Oikkonen

After her boyfriend died while having sex, Didi Tiensuu life changes forever. She is a nymph, a mythical creature that must be with a man every full moon or she withers away. But that’s not all, her family is revealed and others are after her because of them. Nymphs aren’t the only beings of myth out there.

Now this is a novelisation of the Finnish show of the same name. I haven’t seen the show but I’ve heard it is a bit like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, which I like. I can definitely see the similarities but it feels more like a mix between them and Lost Girl.

Didi was … not sure. I don’t understand her tbh. She’s a sweet naive girl but I don’t understand her reaction to anything. She finds out her mum is not her mum and has been lying to her yet still trusts her when her mum tells her to go with people who drugged, kidnapped and locked her up. She also willingly goes talk to another person who drugged and kidnapped and basically forced her to sleep with two old men. Add to that, she starts flirting with other men, hours after her boyfriend dies, while outside the hospital his dead body is in. Strange girl.

The two other main nymphs are Nadia and Kati.  I actually find them more interesting than Didi. Nadia is a confident healer whose a bit of a hipster. She’s very concerned with eating healthily and very knowledgeable about herbs. Kati is a manipulative bitch really but she is very  loyal and I can appreciate her.

The main man of the story is Samuel and my reaction of him is the same as Didi. Bit naive and strange reaction to things.

Everything about the book was good. It was well written, mostly good characters, reasonably good plot.  I like how it is very open with sexuality yet doesn’t feel the need to explicitly state anything. Not just gender wise but, I guess a good way to describe it… open relationships and self love.

You can tell it is a novelisation of a show with how its set out. I could tell exactly where the scene transitions would have been or the fade to blacks. Its not necessarily a bad thing, just saying I noticed, especially the last page, which was clearly a set up for the next season.

The things that annoyed me about the book were really minor things like I would have liked some more clarification on passages of time and supernatural politics. Until around the 15 chapters mark the characters names just bled into one another. I spent a bit of time trying to work out who was and did what, even though there is a character list at the beginning.

As a lover of classical mythology I got a bit annoyed at the nymphs. They weren’t really the nymphs of Greek mythology, more like a nymph/ succubus hybrid, but I could more or less ignore it.

Overall the book was good but I just could not get into it. No reason whatsoever. It has everything I normally like a book but it I just couldn’t. I’d still recommend it to people though, especially those who like The Vampire Diaries or Lost Girl. Sorry this is such a short review, I couldn’t work out my feelings about the book.




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